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Latest Release - "Lie To The Sun"

Stand-out tracks from Lie To The Sun include "Sativa," "City Girl," and "Summer Nails."

Sativa Lyrics
City Girl (also on 90210 Soundtrack w/Adele, Jack White, etc) Lyrics
Didn't You See Lyrics
Summer Nails Lyrics
Go For Sleaze Lyrics
Lie To The Sun Lyrics
Please Lyrics
Speak Soft Lyrics
Jetsetting Lyrics
What Do You Know (Where Are You Now) Lyrics
Burning Out The Night Lyrics

Señor Happy - "I'm Sorry"

She's New  
Someone Invaded Me  
Get Up and Go Out  
Love If You're Real  
Even The Score  
Echoes and Falls  
Got You  
Happy When You Leave  
30 West and Vine  
How Many Ways (theme from hit CBS TV Show "Rules Of Engagement")  

Señor Happy - "Señor Happy"

Take You There  
Hey, C'mon and Sin  
On the Down  
In a New Way  
We Will Fall  
Ain't That True  
So-Called Reviews  
Be Inside  
Walk You Down  
14 Days  

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